Vòng tay LV All Access


The LV All Access bracelet is a casual accessory expertly crafted to complement a variety of ensembles. Iconic House motifs including the LV Circle and the Louis Vuitton signature are featured on the cylindrical centerpiece, which serves as a secure clasp. The piece also features a smooth leather strap for comfortable wear.

17 cm
(Chiều dài)
  • Kích thước: ~6,6 inch/17 cm, ~7,5 inch/19 cm
  • Chiều rộng: ~0,2 inch/0,5 cm
  • Kích thước khóa: ~1 inch/2,5 cm
  • Màu đen
  • Da
  • Kim loại màu vàng ánh kim
  • Logo LV Circle
  • Tên Louis Vuitton